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 The  society
International  VIP  Protection
9A, rue de la Tuilerie

Tél : 0033.(0)

Email : contact@protection-vip.fr
  • S.A.R.L, au capital de 10 000 €
  • Numéro siret : 504  056  532  00022
  • R.C.S. COLMAR TI 504056 532
  • N° de Gestion 2008 B 398
  • A.P.E. 8559 A
  • Agrément préfectoral n° 2008-232-1
International VIP Protection, dispense uniquement des missions, des formations et prestations en protection rapprochée conformément aux textes de lois et traités en vigueur.
International VIP Protection, ne serait nuire directement ou indirectement aux intérêts de la France.
As we live in a society where violence is omnipresent, where crime progresses, is organized and where stress and competitive spirit often provokes frustration and aggressiveness, it is important to consider your personal and familial safety when traveling.
Spécialized in close Protection and private defence in the France, but also in International circles, with the protection of possessions, and persons in armed zones of conflict.
I offer you my services individually, or with my team.
Protection of Personalities
The International VIP protection company will assure the protection of well-known people, persons, your family and your possessions in all domains, in France as well as in hostile circles.
Protection in Hostiles Environnent
International VIP Protection analyzes, prepares, and intervenes, according to a methodology felt by numerous extractions of target, people families, or national hostile or sensitive presence in a territory.
Subaquatic protection
Study of the terrorist behavior and defensive methods.

With a knowledge of the sea increasea by the dangers of hostility and piracy, but also by hostility and piracy. We dive to inspect sunken structures, analyze methodically the hulls of boats to detect and treat a wide range of abnormalities.
We dive at night, make rounds of underwater safety.
  • Security diver
  • Protection against hostility, and piracy.
  • Practice of navigation on motorboats.
  • The principles, methods and techniques of inspection for sunken structures.
  • Knowledge of underwater rounds fear ensuring security.
  • Detection, analysis, and treatment of diverse abnormalities.
  • Check of hull and pipes.
  • Knowledge of emergency processes and first aid in the context of diving.
Driver and escort of security
International VIP Protection offers the services of a chaffeur or body guard. We assure you all your movements in France, Europe, and abroad will be completed with the utmost security and discretion.
  • Escort on road individually or by convoy.
  • Escort of car / motorcycle.
  • Transportation of vehicle.
  • Preparation and organization of route.
  • Organization of a convoy.
  •  Search for (explosive) objects.
  • Protection of convoys transporting valuables.
  • Protection of VIP'S.
  • Protection of individual, body guard.
  • Protection during travel abroad.
  • Prevention of the risk.
  • Analysis of the terrorist behavior.
  • Organization of protective missions.
  • Road preparation.
  • Protection in Hostiles Environnent
  • Exfiltration of personage in national and hostile circles.
  • Evacuation ground / air / sea.
  • Reassurance of sites and convoys in zones of conflicts.
International VIP Protection